What is Balayage and/or hair painting?

Balayage is a French word that means ‘sweep’. Balayage and hair painting and interchangeable words which mean the act of sweeping/painting lightener onto the hair. Balayage is a technique, not a result. The result of this technique is a beautiful sun kissed color.

Ombre, sombre, balayage, foilayage, color melts – what are these things and which one do I need?

Balayage/Hair painting - is the technique of sweeping lightener (bleach) onto the hair to achieve a natural, sun kissed and softly blended result. Ombre - Is the result of a specific technique. Using either the balayage method or foilyage technique for example, the gradual transition from dark at the root to lighter on the ends is what we call ombre. Sombre - we like to say the sombre is both a technique and a result. If a softer well blended ombre with varying hues, tones, depth and contrast is what you’re looking for, than sombre is it! We paint and blend - either within a foil or balayage - to create a natural looking soft ombre. Foilyage - Foilyage is a technique colorists use when they want to get more lift out of the ends and cant achieve that with balayage or traditional foils. They go in and balayage inside the foil Colour melt /Root smudge/Root shadow/ Shadow root - - is a technique we use to lower the maintenance of either existing highlights, or we will ‘put your root back in’ . Sometimes depending on how dark your natural color is, to avoid unwanted warmth a traditional highlighting method is used, THEN we go back in and tone the root area back down to match your own natural color or created a ‘melted’ effect. Babylights - are quite similar to a traditional highlight, however the weaved highlight that we put in a foil is extremely fine, thus requiring more time than a regular highlight appointment. You won’t see any streaks or stripes, in fact what you should see is an extremely natural looking hue and low maintenance result that most of our clients only need to retouch every 12-16 weeks.

I’m blonde and a few weeks after my appointment my hair gets brassy, what are my options?

We’ve got you covered! First line of defense would be a violet conditioner. At Dolls and Beaus we prefer the AG brand. Other options include coming back to us in about 6-8 for a toner (or before!) as usually by then, its when your due for one anyways. Everyone’s hair is different. As mentioned before there are so many factors that contribute to a gorgeous lasting color, and were to provide you with the tools to maintain it.

If I just want a “trim” how much will it be compared to a regular haircut?

If all the hairs on your head are being “trimmed” than you, my friend, are getting a haircut. A trim and a haircut are the same thing when you break it down. It may not seem like it but it takes just as much time and effort to snip off 6 inches as it does 1/2 inch.

What is the difference between a partial highlight and a full highlight?

A partial highlight will give a brightening effect and have more focus on the top and sides of hair. A full highlight will color the entire head, and is the less-popular option. If you want to see consistent brightness throughout the hair, or you want to wear your hair up and see consistent color, you should schedule a full highlight. If you’re looking for a touch-up or some brightening to the top of your head, schedule a partial highlight. Your stylist will help determine what the best option is.

Does an updo come with a blowout?

No. We ask that you come in with hair that is clean and dry. Our stylists will use product to achieve the desired texture and hold for the updo you are looking for.


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How should I come to the salon if I am getting an updo?

Clean, yet not freshly washed hair is best suited for beautiful updo and special occasion styling. For best results, client hair that is not slick or slippery, and that has some tactility to it from the natural oils from the scalp offers the best canvas from which we can create gorgeous updo hair styling.

Please shampoo and condition your hair two days before your scheduled salon appointment and style your hair with minimal product the day prior to your visit with us. Be sure to run a brush through your hair to ensure there are no tangles or knots before you arrive for your scheduled appointment. If you have further questions or wish for additional direction, please text 3234495678.

Is the blow-dry included in Color or Cut services?

Of Course! We finish every hair color/cut service with a blow dry and styling at Dolls and Beaus to best present our finished service and ensure our client’s hair is cut precisely and styled perfectly for our client’s complete satisfaction.

How do I book an appointment?

All appointments can be booked online at: www.styleseat.com/dollsandbeaus Please note we do not book appointents via phone unless last minute availability opens which we post on Instagram. @DOLLSANDBEAUS

Not sure what to book?

Book a consultation so we can discuss what look is best for you.

Who's Jasper?

Jasper is Veronica's service dog who we now consider the mascot for Dolls and Beaus Salon. He is there most of the time and is a sweetheart.

Can I bring company?

Please no children, friends, significant others at your appointment. Space is limited and vital